A fish with a smile…

A fish with a smile…

I owned a fish that was as loyal as a dog, as considerate as a cat and as caring as a lover. She always wore a smile……”

Once again, it was all about a loner going in search of a companion and he found an unique partner in a fish! That very small and uninteresting fish which seems to be smiling at him every time he passes by the fish tank. And so he bought it back to keep it as a pet, eating with it and sleeping with it near by his side. Finally he is no longer all alone, not at least with the presence of a fish though it did occur to him that the fish won’t talk. There is a telepathy between the two and then came a dream, or rather a nightmare whereby the man found himself trapped in a human tank! And so he came to realize how his little friend might have felt all this while and he decided to set it free. With a heavy heart, he brought the fish in a tank to the sea to have it released. And he did indeed release the fish. Just before the fish disappeared into the vast, boundless sea, it gave a kiss to the one who set it free and to the man, this is the best that he could ask for. Set your love free, set your heart free. That smile on the fish was thus, worn by the man himself. Set free. Be free


剧照 #01

One day, a lonely business man goes to the aquarium and perceives that one of the fish is smiling at him.


剧照 #03

After that, no matter what time of day, he can’t stop thinking about the fish

He wants to possess her and takes her home with him

but finds himself saddened by the sight of the fish in the tank..

Once he possesses the fish, he can no longer deny the desire for freedom that he feels deep within himself

Letting go smiling fish

so he decides letting go the fish..

The Smiling Fish

a smiling fish..

剧照 #07

When he returns the fish to the ocean, he discovers that what he has freed is actually a long-lost part of himself.


Taiwan’s A Fish with a Smile (微笑的魚) garnered another international award, winning the Special Prize of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk for best short film at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival, which was held from Feb. 9 to 19.

Directed by Jay Shih (石昌杰), the 10-minute film was also a winner of the Skyy Vodka Short Film Competition Award at the 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Jury’s Special Prize at the 9th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) last year.

A Fish with a Smile is based on renowned Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao’s (幾米) book series.

This short animation is a heart-warming story about a lonely man who finds solace and fulfilment in his pet fish. It explores the inner world of a character who is blessed with a tender and extraordinarily generous character.

“An apparently simple but beautifully made film reminds us to open our hearts to the truth that if you set someone free, you also shall be free. This is a film with something for people of all ages.”

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